Top 20 Arabic Words to Learn for Beginners

20 easy arabic words

Planning to work abroad to save for your family’s needs? According to POEA, the top 10 countries where OFW’s were deployed are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Qatar, Kuwait, Taiwan, Italy Bahrain and Malaysia. Of this list, 5 countries are located in the Middle East and according to POEA’s statistics, since 2004 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been no. one country for OFWs since the country has been giving jobs to OFWs of over 287,000 yearly on an average. Majority of the jobs that OFWs have are the following: Domestic Work, Health Care, Construction Labor, Skilled Construction and Engineering.

Since this has been the trend, I have decided to search for the top 20 Arabic Words which you can learn as a beginner. It is difficult to learn or hire English to Arabic Translator on and Arabic to English translator on the spot, that is why we have provided to you this helpful list from LearnArabicwithMaha. Hoping that you’ll learn a lot! Enjoy!

20 Arabic Words to learn from this video:

  • Na’am = Yes
  • Laa = No
  • Al = The
  • Ana = I am
  • Anta – Anti = You (Male – Female)
  • Yum Kin = It’s possible
  • ‘indee = I have
  • Atakallam = I speak
  • Mataa? = When?
  • Man? = Who?
  • Ma’ = With
  • Ureedu = I want
  • Uhibbu = I love
  • La astatee’ = I can’t
  • La a’rif = I don’t know
  • Hunaa = Here
  • Hunaak = There
  • Tayyeb = Okay
  • La ureed = I don’t want

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